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Choosing Colors (idea)

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I recently started a thread asking whether people preferred the dream shot or roboworm. I got a response from @Spankey that gave me an idea. 


What if you had two anglers on a lake that wanted to figure out the best color to use on that particular water body? I was thinking that you could take the best baits for that water body and rig up two different colors on identical rods and reels. One person uses color 1 of bait A and the other person uses color 2 of bait A. Fish the lure the same way and when one person switches so does the other. I realize that certain times when casting to specific targets matters more than color choice (take dock fishing for example). 


This is an idea that I want to try out as it hypothetically could be very helpful!

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Me and my fishing partner do that quite frequently. I fish one color he fishes a different color and whichever works best we both swap too. Rods and reels aren't identical like in your theory but idea is the same.


Fishing new Waters I really want that second person in the boat so we can try different things and really zero in on what the bass want that day, alot quicker than one person trying to figure them out.

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When you don't have that second person with, match your bottom presentations to the color of the lake bottom to start. With soft plastics, you can experiment by adding a little contrasting color to the tips before switching colors all together. Those Spike It felt pens do the trick. 

If the water is murky, start with something dark or bright colored and work your way toward natural colors.

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Good idea, but the human variable is something we can’t control well enough to guarantee that the lures are fished in the exact same manner. 


I reckon the setup will will have to be fished with computer controlled robotic arms, lol. 



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