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  1. 1/4 Nichols Saber w/ missle D chunk. Absolute killer in my local rivers
  2. This hook #2 and a piece of 3/8 shrink wrap around the middle. You'll thank me later.
  3. Was fishing a devilshorse on mono a few months back in Little Lochloosa, Fla. Caught a mud fish, as I was unhooking him and huge swirl by some lilypads, quickly threw mud fish back and casted to said huge swirl, sure enough huge bass smoked it. Seen half the body well over 9lbs after setting the hook I felt pressure for a split second and reeled up line. Fish and lure were gone, felt my line and it was frayed. Always, always retie. Fishing partner threw same area about 5 mins later landed a 7.13, over a 50 fish day and I learned my lesson big time.
  4. @rangerjockey don't need an ultrex with all the bells and whistles, I mainly river fish shallow so I just need tough and dependable. I'm waiting on a good spring sale I guess, Thanks for suggestions folks, Hodges Marine has the best price so far!
  5. Look up Golden Isles bassmaster club on FB or try DueSouth bass club. Both are excellent clubs in the SE Ga area
  6. Looking at buying a 36v Fortrex, anybody know the best place to shop for one? I usually buy from Tacklewarehouse but trying to shop around. Thanks
  7. I picked Poche for Lake Murray, but bass emailed me saying he was disqualified for fishing MLF. Dudes fishing strong this year
  8. Custom made Devilshorse. 100% top producer
  9. I had Patrick Walters but took him out for Keith Poche. Story of my life.
  10. River runs right by our mill, we actually have outflows that drain into the river. I have many trails I slip away on and catch a bass or 3. I might not make it to the professional level, but I do get paid to bass fish. 🤪 @Darth-Baiter seems like a great place to dump some bluegill and bass.🤷‍♂️
  11. I'm in again this year. Always love the southern stretch, northern fisheries are always a cointoss! Goodluck everyone!
  12. @A-Jay I've been wanting to try a popmax for awhile now, just been putting off buying one. But that Midnight bone is absolutely perfect color. Of course only one I could find was 32$ on ebay. But it's on the way nonetheless. So a sincere thank you for posting that sir.
  13. November to March I keep a suspending jerkbait tied on, then April to Oct floating jerkbait gets the nod. Usually a twitch, twitch, pause cadence. Always been an excellent producer in local rivers. Definitely don't underestimate them as they are often overlooked.
  14. I've never used one, always thought it was for losers. Well, lost a DD this past year because I didn't have a net to land her. Never go to the water without one now. And oddly enough i use it all the time now. 🤷
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