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  1. What's up with Lee?? I figured he'd at least do top 20. And Jason Christie? Why did I even pick him....
  2. So glad I last minute changed to Taku. Between him and Milliken I'm happy right now
  3. As usual Devilshorse in spotted ape was my highest producer, tatula spooled w/12lb big game, 5'6 Phazor for accurate casting
  4. Braid split rings, I've done with success. Quietens the bait down drastically and improves leverage in fighting the fish. Lead around the front? Must be a ffs thing πŸ˜†
  5. Sheesh Milikin carrying my team. Fujito showing out!
  6. Berkley Phazor mixed with some new school flare
  7. @fishballer06 I think history will always play a small roll. Take Scott Martin's recent win in the opens. He knows that lake better than most and new exactly where those big females will stage. Home field advantage will always play into it a little πŸ˜‰ I do agree that ffs has changed everything. Joey Cifuentes win on a dropshot @Seminole this past year, Tyler Rivets win on Okeechobee are both prime examples
  8. Both pictures are the same river. It's constantly changing. For a long time I fished braid exclusively. It worked just fine in both conditions. But overtime I experimented, tried different lines and settled on abrazx. It still produces the same amount of fish braid did. Only thing changed was my confidence. That being said, I throw big game #15 mono almost all my treble hook baits and everything else is 15lb abrazx flouro for moving baits, 20lb abrazx for flipping style Baits. Experiment, try different lines and see what works for you. But I will put in a shameless plug for Abrazx and Big game πŸ˜‰
  9. #25 big game is what I use on big baits like rats, wake shads, bull shads, etc.. Don't over think it, it's not a finesse application, if #25 is too much, go to #20. No way I'd go with smaller hooks, most of the bigger baits have been tested with the hooks they come with not to hinder the action. With big sharp trebles I want some stretch and strength. Line size will not affect the baits action in your scenario.
  10. If I had to pick one it'd have to be Og slim. I have put alot of bass in the boat with that plug.
  11. I fish a small tight river with alot of overhanging trees. My main rods are 6'6 with micro eyes. Accuracy is King πŸ‘‘ Shorter rods are more accurate
  12. Seibert Outdoors Shotcaller Golden shiner with Megabass 4" Spark shad has been πŸ”₯ for me this year
  13. ~Topwater Fanatic~ I literally throw topwaters all day. Favorite style of fishing hands down. Topwater Charlie Orme is hands down my bass fishing hero. What I would give for 1 day on the water with him.
  14. I'm in again. Did great last year on the southern half, trashed it up in the northern swing.
  15. Ordered several of the hooks suggested here. πŸ‘Œ I will report back how they do.
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