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Abu Garcia Gen 4 Winch vs Shimano Curado 201K

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So I’m getting a crankbait combo and I’m stuck between these two reels. For the rod I have a 7’2”, Medium Power, Moderate action, St Croix Legend Tournament Bass.What reel is preferred for crankbaits?


Tight lines


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 Considering that your rod is a Medium you probably will only be trowing smaller, shallower cranks, no need for the Winch for that application, i´d go with the 6:1 Curado... curiously that´s exactly what i use for my medium and deep cranks ... One Gen3 Winch and one 6.2:1 Curado I (and 1 Curado 71hg for the really light stuff)...

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I have the Gen 4 Winch and it will handle small baits just fine.  It's breaking is a little weird to get use to at first but once you get a bait dialed in, it's awesome.  It's smooth and the larger handle makes cranking easy, especially for deep cranks.  I also like it's overall power and slower speed.  The only down side is that the body feels a little cheap compared to the Curado but the parts are top notch.  Also, believe it or not, they feel about the same size in hand and the weight is also about the same. 


On the other side of things, I have never seen a Curado, when set up properly, that was not capable of handling smaller cranks. 

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