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Joakim Åberg

G loomis rod suggestion

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Hey, new here and I'm hoping to get some tips for choosing the right rods. First off I'm from Sweden, and we don't have bass :) we fish for redfin perch, it's the big brother to your yellowfin. The big difference in fishing style is that we use lighter lures. Normal redfin fishing is like light bass fishing. We also fish mostly in open water and need long cast. We are not depending as much on precision casting.


I've ordered three G loomis rods that I think will suit some of my needs:


NRX 893C JWR for carolina rigs mostly

NRX 872S JWR for small swimbaits

NRX 822S DSR for finesse


We also fish alot with cranks, jerks and bladebaits. Crankbaits and jerkbaits are pretty small, up to max 15 grams (0.42 ounces) and 12 cm. Bladebaits to a maximum of 25 grams (1 ounce). I think the 893C can handle bladebaits right? So I need a longcasting rod for crankbaits and jerkbaits (if thats even possible). I can jerk to the side so it's not necessary for the rod to be short. I'm thinking about these two models:





The obvious difference is length and power, and for me the problem is that I cant combine a 2 power rod with 90 inch lenght.. so what do I choose. The short rod that can cast lighter lures, or the long rod thats stiffer?


All thoughts on the setup is welcome. We don't measure the power of our rods in Europe the same way as you, so I might be thinking all wrong here.

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I own the 903c imx-pro.  Its nice... a true medium-fast that could be used for other techniques.  I use a 6'6" rod for jerkbaits, so I cant imagine a rod that would long cast cranks and be short enough to work jerkbaits.  

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