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Down the (music) rabbit hole

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I forget what originally brought me to YouTube tonight, but after I watched whatever it was I started looking at the Up Next videos and ended going down the rabbit hole of 80's (and some 70's and 90's as well) music and music videos. Man, that was a great time for music!


My iPhone has a ton of music including classic rock, classical, country, 80's and 90's, and even a few from the last decade or so. But I tend to get stuck in a rut with what I listen to, so it was kind of fun to listen to a song then peruse the sidebar, listen to another, and keep going. You ought to try it some time. Some of the artists that I listened to brought back a flood of memories:


Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Paul Simon

The Go Go's


The Black Crowes


The Hooters

The Outfield

Simple Minds


Meat Loaf

The Kinks

The Clash

Warren Zevon

Talking Heads


Billy Joel

Modern English

The Cars

and a lot more


Anyway, a lot of good songs and fond memories even if these bands weren't my favorites way back when. Hard to believe it was all so long ago. I'm getting old...




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There area lot of good groups there. Here are my favorites.

Bob Seger


Fleetwood Mac


Doobie Brothers


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Sirius/XM has channels 5, 6 and 7 for the 50's, 60's and 70's plus channel 19 for Elvis.


I listen to the 60's the most followed by Elvis.


It was a time of great music and bands.

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I listen primarily to bluegrass/old time and Gospel music.Between those 3 , it’s probably 80% of what I listen to now. I know I’m in a minority with bluegrass, which I just don’t understand. It is so pure and pleasant to my ears, especially. Instrumentals.Favorite older artists include the Stanley brothers, Tommy Jarrell .Flatt and Scruggs. Favorite newer group is Blue highway . As far as Gospel/ Christian music There are too many I like to even try to list .

I also like old time Cajun music ( like the Balfa brothers )

I occasionally like to hear some hill country blues( Rl Burnside )

I will occasionally get on a wild hair and listen to some Skynyrd, which was by far my favorite southern rock group . 

I also like some select country  songs ,mostly from the 70s to around 10 years ago. 


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