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The last minute fishing trip, and a really BIG spider.

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Ahhh, nothing like coming home under the gentle glow of a celebratory scotch on the rocks and having a friend text, “hey, let’s check out Lake __”


okay!  Cleared it with my wife, and I start loading up gear for an early am (not that early) liftoff.  I went into the pantry to grab food bars, and I see it. Right behind my food processor.  Legs!  1-8! Legs.  It was a spider about 2”in diameter.  Being a normal human, I rip off about 5 sheets of garage paper towels, and put on gloves.  (Don’t judge).  I just touch the food prices , and BLINK!  The spider disappeared.  So fast.  Krap-uck. I pull out the processor to move the box behind it and whammmmm.  The spider ran straight for me!    As it veered to the left I hit it way too hard. Haha.  I can’t even ID the thing.   That thing was fast!

I swear, I almost cancelled the fishing trip.  Hahaha. But I didn’t.  I’m going. But Spiders.  Why did it have to be a spider?  

last minute trips are the worst.  I stopped packing to clean my pants…now I have to quickly finish up. Don’t let me forget my paddle. Hehe. 

im okay with a goose egg skunk today - because I survived.  :D

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“I put my hand up to mash it and it was gone…if I don’t get that turkey, you will see him again…”


-Richard Pryor 

Had the same issue dealing with Ms Rudolph

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We’ve had an unusually frequent number of pretty large rattlesnakes appear around neighborhoods close to us. Haven’t personally run in to one, but I could easily deal with that..........now spiders are another thing. I hate spiders! They usually get the sole!

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