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  1. What am I doing wrong?- I haven’t gone fishing due to various reasons and obligations here in early 2024 I’m looking forward to spending more time on the water. *And I do have a tendency to fish a technique I want the fish to respond to as opposed to what the fish want or are doing. What are other BR members doing right?- They’re going fishing and putting a hurtin' on ‘em! One needs to look no further than posts last two months in the “Latest Catch” thread. I suspect the numbers of BR posting there to increase as more of the big girls attend the annual spring dance.
  2. I appreciated @A-Jay’s recommendation and endorsement regarding the DD-26. It definitely tightens things up when trailering the boat and the fact I wasn’t a fan of dealing with 5 feet of transom saver.
  3. In some ways the was or is my favorite reel could come down to the why for me. The why being though I have tried, I just can’t take my old Curado B’s out of the lineup for deploying moving baits. *it probably didn’t help installing Carbontex Carbon fiber drag washers and regular bearing maintenance.
  4. I do now and I it’s U-40 to seal ‘em both old and new. I’m not a fan of magic erasers wavy effect on the cork rings on one of my rods and went back to using 400 grit emery paper. The photos are of three Powell Max and one Okuma rod that I reworked the cork handles by light sanding with emery paper, then filled the cork and then U-40 application was applied to keep them serviceable. YMMV
  5. Rack ‘em and stack’em @Pat Brown, stay on a roll!
  6. I was kinda thinking of the days of George Allen vs Tom Landry when I first read about it. Sumptin to keep things interesting leading up to the draft. St. Louis might still be prepared to build a football stadium for a team looking for new digs.
  7. Dallas mayor wants the Chiefs to move there says the city can support two teams. What is going on…
  8. Nothings changed in that regard nor will it. Unfortunately “They” are doing a really good job of getting rid of the salmon, both wild and hatchery fish.
  9. Stripers don’t get stocked in California @Woody B, and I believe they do reproduce naturally in New Hogan. They have been introduced to lakes all over the state as fry via the State and Federal pumps in Tracy moving water from Sacramento / San Joaquin Delta south for urban and big agribusiness uses. The only time I remember stripers being stocked was when state officials dumped over 2 million striper smolts in the state aqueduct. Those fish were paid for buy anglers purchasing a “Bay-Delta Enhancement Stamp” at $5.00 when they purchased their license. The state’s rationale was it was providing a fishing opportunity- just not for the anglers who paid to have SF Bay fishery enhanced.
  10. MB sexy shad or Ito Wakasaki
  11. Not too shabby, good luck to all the participants on winning some very nice tackle!
  12. I was able to break the seal on 2024 with this pretty little pound and a half bass. The spring like weather has me optimistic the fishing will only improve as we moving forward into March…
  13. I went with #2 when answering the poll question. I figured if that’s the case I'd be able to unload about 60 plus pounds of rods and gear from the floating tackle box which would equate to better fuel economy and time management. I’d be fishing with one rod in hand, one bait or package of baits and just concentrating on catching a monster bass.
  14. @Glenn or maybe @islandbass could help you out regarding the when and where for bass fishing in your neck of the woods @Philzghost, if I was up around the Olympic Peninsula at present it’d be difficult to pry me away from the Quinault River steelhead. By the way @Philzghost, welcome to Bass Resource and the Forums!
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