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Yo-zuri questions

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I have a few Yo-zuri questions as I am already planning my setups for next year. I like to plan ahead in case I find off season sales at stores like Cabela's.

1) Is Yo-Z along the same lines as Trilene XT, and Yo-Z soft along the lines of XL?? I understand that Yo-Z is a floro/nylon blend, I am looking at the managability aspects. For example, soft on spinning gear and regular on baitcasters??

2) I have only seen clear soft and green regular, can you get either type in either color? Which do you think would be better for average stained waters. I'm thinking the green would be fine.

3) I'm thinking 6lb test would be good enough on spinning gear, would 12 be enough for baitcasters or will the 15+ be needed. I was going to go with mono on my new baitcaster setup, but now I'm thinking I want to try the Yo-Z.

Right now my thinking is I want two spools of Yo-Z for my spinning rigs. One for my smaller cranks rod, and one for my worm/plastics rod. Another spool will have braid and a floro leader for worms/plastics in cover (I have 6 spools and three reels). The baitcaster will be handling the larger baits, 5/8oz+ cranks, spinners, topwaters, ect...

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I have just spooled up some Yo Zuri #4 Hybrid Ultra Soft on a Stradic 1000. The #4 breaking strength is about #8 according to Yo Zuri, and it sure feels like it. At .009" it's closer to #6 regular Stren diameter wise. The abrasion resistance seems to be excellent.

I use the green as it's easier for me to see ;)

The #6 would probably need a larger diameter spool for best casting performance.

It's nothing like XL. Fairly stiff. I was surprised that it's not unmanageable on a spool as small as the Stradic's, but it casts well. It is a little noisy coming off the spool. Time will tell if it's the right line for my uses.

Don't know if I helped or not.

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Although I use both #4 and #6, I think you will find that the #6 Yo-Zuri Ultra Soft is the better choice for most spinning tackle applications. Color is not important, it's whatever you prefer.

I have been fishing #12 original formula on some baitcasting reels (Jig rod and deep cranking) and #12 Ultra Soft on those I use more for fast retrieve (jerkbaits, topwater, spinnerbaits and most crankbaits). I have recently respooled with #15 on my jig and deep cranking rod.

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