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Bad spool of yo-zuri? (Gasp)

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I've not used the light stuff before (6# ultra-soft) and I spooled some up on one of my spinning reels. I could'nt fish with it. The memory was really, really bad, and it had been on the reel for three days. It got a lot of twist knots. I had to put that rod/reel away for the day. *I even tried spooling up another time just to make sure that I didn't spool it wrong the first time. What's the deal?

* I do know how to spool a spinning reel and should be able to do it correctly one out of two times.

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Totally out of charcter for this line. I suspect you spooled it backwards, but if you simply "troll it out" that will eliminate all twist. The easiest way is in a boat, but it can be done by dragging the line through the grass. Initially let all but the last few yards out and troll for a minute or two. Reel in about thalf the line and continue trolling for another couple of minutes. Finally, reel up so that you have just have the last twenty or thirty yards out and troll for another minute or so. Regardless of how the line was spooled, this will "fix it."

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Actually, I tried that (with two pauses as opposed to three) with the first reel full as I thought that maybe I'd spooled it wrong.

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