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light power rods

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does anyone use light power rods for bass fishing?  if so what line size do you use and for what kind of baits?  for example, if you had a light power extra fast spinning rod, would it be suitable for say small to medium cranks, or topwaters? shakeyheads? weightless worms?  i am researching for my next rod/reel combo, i currently have a MH casting outfit and would like to add a decent spinning rig to my line up and would prefer something "lighter".  but i dont want to go too light.  

any info is much appreciated!  ;D



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I have been using a slow action ultralight recently with 4 pound hybrid line. it is a lot of fun. Caught a 3 pound lmb on it yesterday with a beatle bug spinner.

So far it works really well with weightless worms waky style, bettle spinners, and 1/8th ounce spinners. I have some small cranks and topwaters once it gets a little warmer here.

This is my "just for fun" setup but I have caught LMB on it every trip out. No 9 pounders yet though but plent of 3-4.

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I use a couple of Berkley Lightining ML's ( action not defined). I've caugt some nice 2-4 lb LMG's on it. Makes for a fun deal and easy to fish for crappied with the same setup. I used everthing from triple treble Smithwick Rouges, to 1/4 oz colorado spinners to 1/8 oz or less crappie spinners, to 3/8 oz swimbaits. Sure makes for a fun fight.

MH down to Light for your first spinning setup? That's a long way down to jump. maybe go with a medium first and as a 2nd spinning a L or ML for fun?

Followup with what ou pick then with how you feel it does so we can all learn.

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I have a 6' ML St. Croix Avid spinning rod with a Quantum Energy Pti-a 20.  This set up sure is fun to use.  I fish with inline spinnerbaits, weightless 4in senkos and light weight cranks.  I caught all kind of bass with it  and it also doubles as a great setup for crappie.

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