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if you could choose only 3 rod,line&reel combo's what would they be

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I am interested in which 3 set ups you would recommend for someone wanting to get more serious. I would like to hear your preferences for different applications.(crankbaits, finesse, Flipping, spinnerbaits etc.)

Ex: Med action 7' rod with med duty spinning reel with 6 pound flouro for senko fishing. (maybe bad example, thats why I'm asking).

Im not as interested in brands as I am in types, due to possible limitations in funds. Feel free to mention a favorite particular brand if pertinent, but please include the generic specs.

Should be very interesting and educational to compare everyones preferences and will definitely help us newbies in making educated purchases when first getting started.

Thanks as always,


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RW's post is pretty much exactly what I fish with except my third rod is a 6'6" MH instead of a 7' heavy.  My car doesn't easily fit rods longer than 6'6" so I went with that length.  Also, I grew up fishing small lures so Heavy power was something I never thought I would get much use out of.  That being said, I'll probably be adding a heavier setup next year for "small" swimbaits (6" Hud's, MattLures, etc, etc).

Spinning reel is the 2500 size Shimano Symetre.  Baitcasters are the 200D Citicas.  I use 15lb Big Game mono on my 6'6" MH jig/worm rod.  12lb Trilene Sensation (got it cheap) on my 6'6" M crankbait rod and 8lb Trilene XT on my spinning setup.

I also have another spinning setup for small crankbaits like rapala jointed minnos and such, oh and a cheap ultralight rig.   But those don't really count as bass rigs.  :)

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