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Alternative to Loomis CBR847c crankbait rod

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I love this rod, but the but section is too short.  For deep cranking all day it wears me out.  I wish I could have this exact rod with another 6-8 inches added to the butt section.  Reason being, I want to tuck the rod under my arm pit while I deep crank.  I'm throwing LC D-20s, Norman DD-22s, etc....

Does anybody have a crankbait rod with a 20-24" butt section they would recommend?

I like the action of my Loomis and how light it is compared to glass rods, but need to find something with a longer butt section.

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Except that the Lamiglass doesn't have the butt he's looking for.

I don't think there is a dedicated crankbait rod with a butt that long unless you have on custom made.  

Fenwick's Techna AV AVC80MHMC and AVC76MHMC both have fairly long butts, but also have long forgrips.  Both are medium heavy power with moderate actions rated for 15-30 lb line.   These are "muskie rods" but should work well for big, deep diving cranks.  


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In my opinion there is no alternative to the best mid depth crankin' rod made....the CBR847. I'm a die hard fiberglass guy when it comes to crankin' but the 847 has won me over for throwing mid-depth cranks.

I still use the David Fritts DF76 (fiberglass) for all deep cranks and wouldn't even consider anything else for the big billed baits. You should give it a look, it's got a longer than normal handle but I doubt its as long as you want it to be. As someone else said, you'll probably have to have one custom built to get one exactly like you want.

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