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help!!! advice on a fishing rod/reel

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I'm trying to get my boyfriend a new rod/reel for his birthday, and he goes bass fishing with his dad alot, but wants a new one.

I however, know next to nothing about bass fishing!

Was wondering if anyone had any strong opinions on a reasonably priced, good quality rod/reel. Brand name, specific model. Anything.

They typically fish in lakes around NC, SC, VA, sometimes he's down in FL.

Any help would be great. I don't even know where to start. I could always drop by bass pro shop, but I'd like opinions from real fishermen!


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Some questions

Do you know what rod and reel he presently fishes with?

( include brand and part# for the reel, brand, series and specs for the rod Example: 1/4-3/8oz M 6'6" ( some might say M fast or extra fast )

If you don't know do you know if he fishes with spinning gear or casting gear?

What would be your total budget for the 2 items combined?

( keep in mind a decent casting reel can be $100 - $300, spinning $60-250, rods can go from $75-$350 )

Will he only want a specific brand(s)?

Enlist his dad's help if you don't know how to get the info.

If the items that get recommended turn out to not fit the budget just get a rod or a reel. He can always save up for the other.

If you can give us the basic info we can help

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like mentioned above you need to speak to his father and find out if he uses a spinning reel or baitcast reel (spinning reels will not fit on baitcasting rods and vice versa). also find out what kind of lure and the weight of lure he uses the most. post that info and your budget on here and should get plenty of replies.

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lol, I just did some of this fishing gear advising for my cousin's girlfriend.

Great gift idea, he'll be pumped.

What I told her: (her budget was about 100-150)

Shimano Sedona2500 spinning reel($60)/ shimano clarus 7'0 MH/XF($60)

But like they said above, there are many factors to consider.  

Most importantly:

-Spinning or Casting reel

-current gear (probably wouldn't want a downgrade :D)

-and budget


-most common baits used? (plastic worms, hardbaits, etc.)

-fish from boat or shore most often?

-brand loyalty? or not partial?

If you can get the answers to those questions the people here will be able to help you get the most value from your purchase.

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