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question: choosing a crank rod.

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I want to pick up a rod for crankbaits, but I have a question about the 2 medium power rods. Why can the moderate action rod have the capability of holding heavier line and lure?

Which one is better for crankbaiting? the medium with fast action or the medium with moderate action. I know standards say go for the moderate action, but can someone explain to me?

I don't have much knowledge in choosing rods. Need help.

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I'm left with the impression that because of the treble hooks, your less likely to rip lips on the hook set if the rod is a little more forgiving as it absorbs more of the energy than just passing it along to your bait.  I think this is more so especially if your using any sort of braid because it has little or no stretch. JMO

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Here you go:


As for specific recommendations:

St. Croix Avid AVC66MF has a soft tip and is a freat all around rod for treble hook lures,

spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. This my dedicated topwater and jerkbait stick. The 6 1/2'

length makes working these lures a breeze.

For light and medium weight crankbaits: AVC70MM

Heavy and deep diving lures: Lamiglas SR705R which is on sale at Cabela's:



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