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rod, line, gear ratio?

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I'm looking for a website or a forum post that gives you sort of a standard rod, line, gear ratio, that you can use as a starting point for certain fishing applications, say for T/R worm, crankbait, spinnerbait, buzzbait, topwater, jerkbait, jigs, dropshot, basically all types of bass fishing. I'm not looking for a specific brand, I'm looking for rod actions, line weight and type, and gear ratios preferred.



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Certain techniques would be better off w/ different equipment but my choice would be a St. Croix spinning rod that is 7ft MH w/ Fast tip, a Shimano Sahara 4000 which has a 5.7:1 gear ratio, and 20lb Power Pro.  In my mind a spinning rod can do everything a baitcaster can, except "slop" or "Frog" fishing as well as flipping heavy matted vegetation.    The 20lb Power Pro if I remember right as the line diameter that is the same as 6or 8lb mono so its harder for the fish to see it, cranks will dive deeper, it'll float when using topwaters, abrasion resistant enough to fish a jig and a t-rig worm anywhere.  And b/c its braid, its soo much more sensative than other line.  

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This what I have used:

Worm T/R With Sinker > Yo Zuri 12 lbs   7:1                            

Worm T/R No Sinker   >  Yo Zuri 12 lbs   7:1                          

Swimbait            >  P-Line CXX 20 lbs    6.3:1                          

Frog                  >  Sufix Braid 65 lbs     6.3:1

Crankbait           >  Silver Thread Clear 12 lbs  5:1                    

Spinnerbait        >   Silver Thread Green 16 lbs 7:1

Jerkbait             >   Big Game Green 12 lbs      7:1                  

Jig                    >  Fireline Crystal 14 lbs & Power Pro Braid 40lbs. 7:1

Topwater          >   Big Game Green 12 lbs      6.3:1                  

Buzzbait           >   Silver Thread Green 16 lbs  7:1


Dropshot          Rainb YN1000 Spinning Reel   Seagurr 10 lbs

Wakyhead        Daiwa 1000   Spinning Reel    P-line Floroclear  6 lbs


I wae experimenting last year, 2007 all I used was 12lb trilene XL and 4lb Cabelas, I just got back into fishing, I shouldn't say back in, I never really stop fishing just slowed down a whole lot. My son actually got heavy into Bass fishing and I just climb onboard. I get to spend a lot of quality time with my son and Grandson


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Start here:


Regarding reels:

I prefer spinning tackle for finesse techniques

For all baitcasting, 6.2:1 or higher for everything except deep cranking

Deep cranking: 5.0:1


Spinning tackle: Yo-Zuri Hybrid Ultra Soft #6 (.010" diameter, 11.9 lb test)

Baitcasting gear: #12 Hybrid or Hybrid Ultra Soft (.013" diameter, 19.5 lb test)


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