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need 1 more rod to complete setup experiencd advice needed

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I fish guntersville lake mostly if any are familiar and i have the following rods and reels please tell me where im wrong or right and which additional rod i should buy as i just won a revo s and am gonna buy some type of all star instinct rod for it ,,my budget is kinda tight.

i have now

abu garcia 302 on 7ft fenwick venture rod med 4-12 i use for shaky heads mostly

abu garcia 502 albi on fenwick iron hawk 6ft 6 4-12 i use for small cranks

abu garcia black max on a 6ft6 med lite 8-17 lb flw rod for light crankbaits mostly

abu garcia silvermax on a berkley lightning rod 8-20lb for spinnerbaits

abu garcia pro max on a all star instict for 7ft mh for carolina rig

abu garcia C4 ON A 7FT BERKLEY LIGHTNING ROD MH for big cranks and big spinnerbaits(by big i mean 1/2 ounce or 10+ ft divers

i have a revo s with no rod should i buy a od for flipping ,,,also if i do buy a rod for flipping could i use it as a big bait casting rod

or should i buy a 6ft 10" jerkbait rod and what coud i use it for other than that

please any help is appreciated im just starting to take bass fishing serious so please tell me what i have or need etc all experienced advice is much appreciated ? persoanlly i have had most success in my lakes in north alabama on crankbaits or top water frog ,,shaky heads and 7" worms and their is some pithching flipping success to be had again please help and thanks in advance or feel free to pm

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Looks like you're going to have to start over.

Reels: Shimano

Rods: G. Loomis and St. Croix    :D

This will help sort things out:


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If I were in your shoes, I might look at a 7' H rod to pull multiple technique duty as a frog/jig/small swimbait/ledgebuster/big t-rig rod.  (actually I use a H for c-rigs too)

At least 3 of your other rods would be fine with jerkbaits/flukes so I'd skip that idea.

The other option is to think of your best few techniques and if any two will work on the same rod, replace the one you currently use with something upgraded.

Just thinking out loud

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