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looking to get my first "good" rig

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i am ready to get a good rig, mainly for worm fishing, but right now it will be somewhat of a do all.  some jigging, crankbaits, larger poppers, but mainly for texas rigged worms and tubes.  this is what ive come up with, not sure what lenght and action to get for worm fishing.  i would also like to know whether to go with braid or mono, and what lb test.  thanks for any info.

i would also like some general info on choosing a work rod, what charecteristics to look for.  thanks.



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The reel is fine.. ;)

try these....some of my favorite lengths, powers, and tip actions..... ;)

all with revo s-l, and old green machines...

**6' to 7' MHF medium heavy fast tip for worms.

**6' to 7' MHF or HF medium heavy or heavy fast tip jigs.

I always used spinning gear for my tubes when I was throwing them.

(7'6" MLXF medium lite extra fast tip)  

6'6" to 7' MHMF medium heavy mod fast tip, to HMF heavy mod fast tip, glass composite for cranks.

6'6" to 7' MF to MHMF medium fast tip, to medium heavy mod fast tip, for poppers tops etc.

Lengths depending on your water access (bank or boat)

Brands depend on your budget....

Just my .02¢

Tight Lines!!!!

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id look around before you buy that rod. they are heavy and the powerhump isnt comfortable at all.



theres 2 rods to think about. take your time picking a rod, youll be glad you did.

the Revo S will serve you well.

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thanks for the relpies.  

the reel price range cant be any higher than the revo s, rod cant be any higher than 120$, 80-100 being more comfortable.  thanks again, mike.  

as for rod length, i will either be in a canoe, or pitching/flipping from the bank.

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If the BPS Pro Qualifier rods are still on sale, which I don't think they are, but I use a 6'6''M PQ as an all around bank rod.

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