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Team Daiwa X 103HSDL - good reel?

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Are these good reels?  I know they are a bit dated.  But if I got a really good price on one, or two, are they good reels?  If so, what are they good for?  Will they handle light baits?  Thanks.

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Are these good reels?

Yup, very good reels

If so, what are they good for?

Flipping, pitching .... kinda like a Shimano Castaic.

Will they handle light baits?

Depends on what you call "light", 1/4 oz - so so, 1/4 oz +

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Team Daiwa X 103HSDL the HSDL is the left hand version of the Team Daiwa X 103HSDF, from 7 years ago....

Line Capacity: 12/120; 14/100

Gear Ratio: 6.3:1

Weight: 9.3 (oz)

Bearings: 6BB,1RB

Aluminum frame, Aluminum perforated spool, Titanium Nitride line guide, Magforce V, brass drive gear

Old MSRP: $209.95

Recent new testing's have been done on the reels drags and they only produce 6.3lbs of maximum drag, at max settings...

I have serviced about a half dozen of these reels in 02, didn't like the fact that the spool could separate in the middle, had a couple of them do it when the client had the reels lined on a power machine..

Just my .02¢

Tight Lines!!!  

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