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Curado 200 E7

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I recently purchase a new Curado for $150. I have a few used

reels that were around this price, but as far as MSRP goes, this

is my least expensive reel. We'll have to see how it works out

over time, but my initial impression is that it compares favorably

to all my other Shimanos. My collection includes the CH50MG, Calais,

Core, Metanium, CT200GT and several others. I guess I don't know

exactly what I was looking for, but the Curado exceeds all of my


BTW, The "Curado Green" matches up very well with the BCR854.


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I love my Curados, almost as much as my 51mg, but not quite.

Later, ;)

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Like you, I bought one just to try it out. (when they came out) I was also pleasantly surprised with it- enough so that I bought a second 200 E7.

At $150 I don't think I've seen a reel that really competes with these. I'll give Shimano the benefit of the doubt on longevity based on the fact that almost all of their reels have had it. I doubt I'll be proved wrong. ;)

Can't wait to see what comes out at ICAST...  I have a little reel money saved up   ;D

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Well, I just posted a WTB in the Flea Market. A friend that I was

trout fishing with last weekend is spending a week in Canada

and wanted to try out the Stella, but didn't want to pay the price

($650 MSRP). I decided to sell him one of my FBs for $300 and

try to find a 2500FD for around $500. Using "Fishing Logic", that

allows me to buy the brand new reel for just $200!


If anyone has the Stella for sale, send me a PM.


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