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Newbie Setup

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I've just taken up fishing in the past year and would like some help with a decent set up. I started with a pretty basic, all-purpose set up. I'm using a 6'6 M Berkley Bionix rod with a Field & Stream Rainier reel and 10# fluorocarbon P-Line. I'm probably going to retire the rod, but I'll keep using the reel since I like it and I've read it's made by Pflueger and is pretty much the same as a President.

I'm looking for two rods: one for plastic worms and one for crankbaits & spinnerbaits. I'd like to stay under $100 per rod.

I'm looking for one reel, and I'm not sure which pole the Rainier/President would be better suited for.


To clarify, this will be for spincasting.

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Maybe this will help:



Technique specific rods are for "enthusiasts".

Almost all your fishing can be done with just

one rod. Beyond that, you only "need" three rods:

Spinning: 6 1/2' or 7', M or MH, Fast Action

(soft plastics and light lures)

Baitcasting: MH or H, Fast Action

(jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and all single hooks)

Baitcasting: MH, Moderate Action

(all treble hook lures)

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id get both rods at a length of 6'6" to 7'.

the rod for plastic worms/jigs i would get extra-fast.

the spinnerbait/crankbait rod i would get a fast action.

the power would depend on the weight of the lures you plan on using and the cover.

whats your budget on reels?

this is what i recommend depending on they amt you want to spend. get the 2500 size.

shimano sahara

shimano symetre

daiwa tierra

shimano stradic

you want bottom bait rods to be as sensitive as possible. if i were you, id keep the rod you are using now and use it for spinners/cranks and i'd take the $200 you want to spend and buy a st. croix avid 6'8" med xf. check out the warranty and reviews on these rods. you can prob find one for under $150 new.

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