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T-rig Senko (weighted/unweighted) and lipless crankbait rod.....????

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I have an extra E21 carrot stix 6'9" MH fast action and was wondering whether to keep it or give it to my brother.

I am deciding whether to keep it based on the 2 techniques above that I am intending to use it for.

Is a 6'9" medium heavy fast action sound good for T-Rig senkos and lipless crankbaits?

I do want to start fishing senkos and lipless crankbaits and was wondering if that rod would work.


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Probably, but most would suggest moderate action

or a soft tip for treble hook lures. Firm tips are

recommended for single hook lures.

Maybe this will help:



Technique specific rods are for "enthusiasts".

Almost all your fishing can be done with just

one rod. Beyond that, you only "need" three rods:

Spinning: 6 1/2' or 7', M or MH, Fast Action

(soft plastics and light lures)

Baitcasting: MH or H, Fast Action

(jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and all single hooks)

Baitcasting: MH, Moderate Action

(all treble hook lures)

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