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Looks like Christmas in May is here for me! I have been talking to several builders, and getting estimates for a custom rod. I settled on EJTaylor, because he does beautiful work, and also because he gave me a truly unbelievable good deal on this rod. Sorry for the pictures. I'm still not completely used to this new camera. It is 6"8 Light 1/4-5/8 oz with a moderate (more like mod-fast IMHO) built on a Castaway blank. Never trying a CastAway blank before, I was pleasantly surprised. It really is quite sensitive. I cast a pitched a 1/4oz. jighead around, and with my eyes closed I could tell when I was going through grass, sand, or gravel. American Tackle Aero spinning reel seat, custom made cork/burl cork handle, splits with no foregrip, marbling, a tiger wrap between the splits, a beautiful gloss blue finish, and chrome Alconites in the New Concept layout. It also has my class rod inscription: "Matthew Luce, A Beka Academy, Class of 2012". It balances perfectly with my Shimano Sedona 2500. Let me tell you all something. If you have ever even thought about getting a rod from EJTaylor-- do it! He is wonderful to deal with, and I would order another custom in a heartbeat if I had the money. Now for the fun part-- Pictures! :)






I never realized how much difference custom made. I could have gotten a fairly nice off-the-rack rod for this price. It almost feels like it has some inherent "mojo" to it from being hand made.  ;D

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You'll never look at a factory rod the same way again... 


(nice work, Eddie!) 

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