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Best use for 7' 6" Heavy rod and 6' Medium?

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I have recently acquired two BPS Extreme rods at a good price. On is a 7 1/2 foot heavy action casting rod that i put an extreme baitcaster on. Its good for i think 15-30lb line and 1/2-3 oz lures. Second is a 6 foot medium action spinning rod that i will put a abu garcia cardinal on. Thought about using it for crappie, trout, etc. What do you guys think the best use for these 2 rods is?

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That 7-1/2 footer is a real cue stick according to the weight ranges and would be goood for large swimbaits ,I personally wouldn't use it for anything else.I know others will tell you it would be a good flipping stick but it is not my preference.The 6' spinning rod would make a good rod to skip baits up under docks.


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Those ratings are for the 7'10" rod. The 7'6" is rated for 3/8-2oz and comes either Fast or X-Fast action. This would make a little better choice for a flipping stick, along with swim baits on the upper end of the rating.

The short Med power spinning rod could be used for skipping docks as suggested as well as small top waters and cranks.

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