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bass from France


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Yes, there's an official dealer for Ranger in France : Bassboat Europe!

He has Ranger, tracker and Nitro. France is a small market for bassboat or walleye boat but it's growing well.

The dealer is great and help me out last year for the tournaments ! Without the help of my sponsors I could not fish 145 days a year  ;) Thanks for them!

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 Those are some great pics. fellas! Always like to see what ya'll are catching. Having never been to Europe it's a treat ;)...

                                 As Ever,


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Where in France can you catch fish like that? Thanks,

Those kinds of bass you'll catch in southern France. Since you're familiar with the way the europeans tend to measure the size of their catches (I mean the length rahter than the weight).

A fish that reaches 50 cm in length is a trophy in the middle part of France. In the south a fish between 55-60 cm is a real trophy and a 50cm bass is still a very nice fish.

As for the rest of france, the average bass will be like 30-35cm

This one was caught in the south !


@Skillet : Does your nickname comes from the music band Skillet... cause I really like what they're doing. Especially the song named Comatose. 8-)

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Looks like you got some good fish in southern France.  I may have to make a road trip sometime.  I am planning on heading to Italy for a 3-day tournament that is scheduled for 1-3 August.  Here is the website for my old fishing club.  The site isn't updated yet but I was told it will be reupdated soon for the new year.  WWW.TABASSB.COM  Check it out and you can find some decent fish pics and get an idea as to what Italy has to offer.

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Hope you'll have a nice tournament.

I know some of the famous italian spots ...like the Brenta river or the bolsena lake.

Seems like you had quite some fun in Italy.

I pity you.. Germany is not the best for fishing !

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On 11/28/2006 at 9:12 PM, blovac said:


At first a little presentation :

i use to read this forum since several month  and i think it's really helpfull !!

i live in south of France ,where i fish all species catchable with a lure in freshwater (i'm 100% lureman ,100% catch and release)

In my aera the main specie is gess what .... largemouth bass  8-) they 're not so big than in the U.S but you can catch some nice northen bass up to 4 lbs and in a lucky day a 6 lbs what is a huge bass in Europe.

here's a pic of my biggest bass this year.


Hey man where in the south of France do you fish for bass? I’m moving back in a couple of months and would love to chase some fish in the freshwater. Merci

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