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Lake Woodruf on St. John's

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headed out there in a month to give it a try..anyone know what its like or anything to look for. Thanks-John

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I fish there often, and the Bass fishing can either be on or off. I have had some amazing days on that lake. One thing you have to look out for is whether or not the army corp of engineers has done any spraying lately, meaning trying to kill off the hydrilla. Right now I would look for hydrilla mats in open water and fish the edges. Also you need to watch out for the Speck fisherman as this time of year the can be really thick on the lake. I would fish a lot of topwater in this lake as I have done really really good fishing topwater in this lake. Have fun and enjoy.

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what about Spring Garden lake or the creek going to it. whats that lake like?

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When I lived in Edgewater, Florida (near Daytona Beack)

I used to fish Woodruff and Dexter Lakes. I would put-in on the

west shore of the St Johns River, directly across from Lake Dexter.

In season, Lake Woodruff is shared by both anglers and waterfowlers,

and though I've participated and love both sports, they don't mix very well.

As in all central Florida lakes, there's a vigorous ongoing spray campaign.

I wouldn't mind if they could confine the kill to hydrilla, but gorgeous

stands of American Lotus are wiped out in the process.

In my opinion, the best fishing on Lake Woodruff is in the southeast corner,

near the ole historic fish camp. Here you'll find the deepest holes in the lake

and oddly enough, "pennywort" is one of the key plants.

The idea is to target outside bends in the creeks where pennywort

grows out over the water like miniature willow trees.


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