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Lake Guntersville

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Hey, new to forum, just a quick question me and a fishing buddy are planning a trip up to Lake Guntersville(AL) and I was wondering if anyone had any expierience fishing it? I was just wondering when say the best time to go, where to fish, what to use? Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks. :)

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The 3rd Annual BassResource.com Roadtrip is March 23-28. Join us for fishing, food and fun!



BTW, Welcome aboard!


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What time of year are you planning to go?

I was there last week.

We caught some 4 pound fish. The weather changed everyday.

The TVA dropped the water 2 feet overnight Friday night, gotta love that.

Nothing like looking for fish that relate to grass in a 69,000 acre lake with grass everywhere, constant changing weather and the bottom falling out of the lake.

Get to see lots of pretty boats with 2-3 major events each week in the spring.

The water temp was 47 and jumped to 50 on Saturday.

Right now most folks are ripping traps.

Shoot me a PM if you need some info I will try to help.


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