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Fishing on Weiss Lake??

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We fished a BFL 2 weeks ago on Weiss. Some fish moved up but not many. The water was pretty stained so it was tough to look at em.

I worked docks pretty hard and found a few bites.

Got bit well on white blade and carolina rig.

The water temp in this area is warming to the mid 60s.

If you go up the Coosa River you will find lots of docks/cover etc.

A word of caution for that lake, stay within the channel markers. If you run north just above the Alabama Bell, there are some nasty stumps in the middle of the river about1/2 mile up. Then the channel is pretty decent running.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have specific questions, I will try to help.

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I'm sorry I can't help with the bass fishing situation there.

I just wanted you to know that about 10 years ago

Weiss Lake was deemed the best crappie lake in the nation,

running abreast of Enid and Santee Cooper.


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Can't help with Weiss too much because I refuse to put a boat in that lake.  It is a new lower unit waiting to happen.  People who live on Weiss tear boats up regularly.

That said....BE CAREFUL!  As far as the fishing goes, the crappie are plentiful but not as large as on Neely Henry or Logan Martin which are the next two lakes below Weiss.  I fish Neely Henry reguarly and the bass bite has really started turning on in the last week or so.  I have found a good jig bite around stumps and laydowns but not particularly so around pier pilings.  Finesse worms fished Texas rigged have been very productive lately and there had been an awesome topwater bite for the last hour and a half of the day.  Try a white willow blade spinnerbait as well as white buzzbaits.  Soft plastics I have been catching them on Watermelon candy Zoom finesse worms as well as blueberry candy NetBait finesse worms.  Black jigs with watermelon or pumpkin trailers have been great.

Hope this helps.  I understand that Weiss fishes much like Neely Henry so maybe it will.

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I grew up on weiss on the lower powerhouse section of the lake. The upper end around JRs marina is pretty good. Look for areas where the channel meets the bank especially in the chatooga river channel. I know of a couple of places where the water drops from 2 to 25 feet 40 yards from the bank under docks. We were up there for that aforementioned BFL and didn't do too well around there, but like said the bass were still deep. That area should be great (just north of hog island - literally 5 inches straight up the paper map is the bank i speak of) due to the fast drop with dock cover as well as a ton of brush in there. Good luck!

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My favorite place to fish up there is Yellow Creek. Fish around the sea walls leading into small coves with shakey heads and jigs. Also fish docks with shakey heads. I have caught 4 magnum spots and 2 7lbers in yellow creek doing exactly what I said. (The neighbors and my family used to own a house up there on Weiss) Most of what we did was crappie and some striper fishing. And bass fishing out of an old bass tracker w/ a little 50 mercury on it.

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