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Kodiak Zach

New Personal best for my other son: 10yrs old caught a 8-lb Bass 5/28/08

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Took my 2 sons out to play basketball this evening. After that we were sufficiently tired and headed back to the house. It was still light out so I figured why not wet a line too? So I rigged up real quick and took them at the lake behind my house. I lost 2 Bass last night but was determined we were going to land them tonight.

Started out by catching some bluegill for bait and we threw them out on a 2/O Owner hook freelined. We then proceeded to chum the water with bread. Almost immediately the water starting boiling as the bluegill came up to eat the bread, the Bass started picking them off. There is nothing calm about the feeding frenzy that ensues when the bread starts hitting the water. Well I am busy rigging up the other pole and Zachary sees the freelined bluegill get destroyed and the line starts zinging out drag. He picks up the pole and starts reeling the fish back towards the dock and about a minute later he put an 8-lb bad boy on the shoreline.

Here are the fish we got tonight:







The new record between my two sons was reset tonight when my 10 yr old "one-upped" my 8 yr old. The old record held by 8yr old was 5.5-lbs. The new record as of tonight is 8-lbs for my 10yr old.

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wow! very impressive! I used to chum for carp in a pond full of bluegills as well and I often found that while throwing the bread out to attract the carp, the ensuing bluegill frenzy often brought bass out as well. Sometimes I even used that as a bass fishing tactic; throw some bread out to get the bluegills out, then use a fluke or other baitfish lure, throw it out into the frenzy, and let it sink below to where the bass were waiting for the bluegills.

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Nice fish, great pics!


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Wow, nice fish!

I gotta think that some people look at that tactic as "cheating" though right?

LOL, I don't think it would work on the BASS tour ;) and I certainly don't think it takes much skill compared to tricking them into eating a soft plastic or other lure based on presentation. However, it does take a little bit of skill to get these very overpressured fish to actually bite as well as actually land the fish. You have to make sure your drag is set right, you have to have the right size hook (too little you miss, too big they won't hit the fish), right size line (bigger than 15-lb line, they won't hit the fish), and are able to pull a fighting mad 8-lb bass in on 15-lb line and a 2/O hook before he runs under the dock and breaks you off.

But I agree, the 5.5 -lber my other son caught was on a Senko so it took a little more skill. Nonetheless, I am trying to keep the sibling fishing rivalry going so 8-lbs is the new mark they are both trying to beat :) All I am trying to do is exploit the fact that I have monster Bass in my back yard and this is helping me to 1.) Get my kids hooked on fishing and 2.) Get some good pics for their fishing scrapbook. If I can do those 2 things without destroying the fish or harming the fishery, the Bass and Bluegill all get fed and we all win.

Thanks for the kind comments gents!

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Yeah, I too would say that he is definitely hooked for life. My biggest ever bass is that same size and I was 24 when I caught it. I'm 48 now and haven't caught another one that size (only a 7.5er since). Hope he gets another one just like it or bigger sooner than I have. The kids are our fishing future.

Great Job little man!!!!!

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