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Potomac Boat Launch

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Which is the best boat launch Occoquan Regional or Leesylvania State Park?  I have had my boat since Father's Day and still have not had it on the water.  My new truck was purchased on Monday and I can't wait to get it hooked to the boat.  I have never been on the Potomac and would appreciate some information on close by fishing spots. Please don't take offense,I am not asking for specific spots but for general areas. Any information would be appreciated. What kind of current should I expect, tides, best times to fish, what has been working lately.

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Occoquan only has one ramp to launch at while Leesylvania has two ramps.

Occoquan can be fished on days when there is a small craft advisory while the Potomac can get dangerous during a small craft advisory.

Occoquan is $9 to launch while Leesylvania is $13 to launch.

They both have really good areas to fish. I would recommend fishing near the Fairfax Yacht Club, both the grass mats and the channel (both sides/shorelines of the river)when fishing the Occoquan. I would also recommend fishing Powells Creek, Neabsco Creek and Mattawoman Creek if you launch from Leesylvania. All three of them have grass mats and lilly pads that hold nice bass.

You can get to either location from the other with a little bit of a drive.

I hope this helps, good luck fishing these locations. Let us know how you make out.

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Hey Fishing,

My dad and I fish here regularly and know this place pretty well.

I'd also like to throw in the dock areas directly across from the launch at Occoquan Regional.  My dad and I almost always pull one or two quality bass from these docks.  Normally it's the first or second dock along that shoreline starting from your left.  Break the docks down if you fish them.  They always tend to be in a different spot in relation to it.  Sometimes behind an inside corner, others along the front edge roaming the grass, sometimes back corners where you have to toss from a certain angle, etc.  But you can always find some fish in here.

Also you may want to try your shot at the shoreline after the floating dock, it has a really nice steep drop off here and there are tons of laydowns, and the grass stretches up almost to the channel.  Spinnerbaits run along the top edge and slow rolled ticking the grass can be great in this area.  You'll find this area tends to have many great features and oddly enough is most productive during the outgoing tide.

Good luck if you decide to try from the Regional Park.  If you want any more info on baits or ideas you can pm me.

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Hey Guys,


   If you don't mind, I would like a little help.  I will be up in two weeks, riding on the back of a boat (BFL).  I will drop a pm.  

   I live 20 min from Briery, Sandy River, Kerr, Gaston, James.  What would you like to know.

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Welcome aboard!


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