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Guntersville-shallow or deep?

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I'll be coming down in early March.Never been there and would like to know if I should be looking shallow or deep?North or south end? Any help you guys have would be greatly appreciated!

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I have been in mid march. We caught fish shallow less than 5ft deep. On the coldest days when we were in coveralls we caught fish on frogs under mats of grass that washed into the back of a shallow pocket in a couple feet of water. When it warmed up we did good on various baits. My favorite March Gunterville baits are

Rattle traps-fished faster over deeper grass

1-Minus-fished fast or slow over shallow grass


Frog-yes a frog, if you can find mats

Buzzbait-on warmer days mostly a very shallow pattern but if you put a buzzbait over their head in less than 3 ft of water they usually hit it

The easiest way I know to find fish in March is head to mud creek go under the second bridge from the boat ramp and start fishing. Work the channel all the way to the old RR bridge. Theres not much of a channel but its on any decent map but between the two upper most bridges in Mud creek you will find fish somewhere. Use any of the lures I mentioned. Just be careful its shallow I would start fishing once I went under the second bridge and keep moving till you find milfoil.

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I would agree with one adder- fish slow, the colder the water the slower you fish.  Depending on the water temp you will need to be closer to the creek channel (deeper water).  If you get there and the water is in the low 50's then fish the channel and then fish each stump flat you find off the channel.  If the water is in the 40's stick close to the creek channel.

On going to the railroad bridge: it is tough to get all the way back to the railroad bridge in a full size bass boat.  The locals can run way back but I would be very careful and us the trolling motor.  You are in fishable water all the way so why run anyhow?  Good luck!

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The BassResource.com Roadtrip was held at Guntersville

last March.  As a group we threw everything, but the

"guide's choice" was Rat-L-Traps fished fast in very shallow



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