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March Fishing Trip - Where?

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Hey Folks-

I live in Atlanta, but am putting together a guys-weekend trip in March somewhere in the Southeast (my friends will be flying from across country)

Am hoping to go for some big bass, with good chances at catching more than one or two as well (I'm obsessed with catching Trophy Bass, but my friends are more interested in numbers.)

Where should we go? Ideally, it should be within an hour or 2 of a major airport......And we'll be getting a guide for at least first day.

We're looking at:

1) Lake Fork, TX

2) Somewhere in Florida (Stick Marsh, Okeechobee, near Orlando, etc -)

3) Dream Lake, AL

4) Guntersville, AL

Have not been to any of these places - Again, we'll be going sometime in March, and are looking for both size and numbers of LM Bass.....



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As far as Florida goes, I would stay away from Lake Okeechobee unless you hire a guide.  A newbie on that lake will usually equal a big fat ZERO.

You have a much better chance of getting some big fish out of the Stick Marsh, especially if you hire George Welcome.

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Well, my pick would be Stick Marsh/ Farm13, but from what I

understand, you really need a guide to fish there. It's not just

about finding the fish, the lake is dangerous to navigate.

Guntersville would be a great choice, but as we found out last

year on our Roadtrip, weather is a huge factor. As you

might guess, the fishing was fantastic the week before we came

and the week after we left! Still, the group had at least two PBs

and most guys caught some fish.


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