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Lake Varner Report

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Water Clarity: 4 feet or greater

The bass fishing at Varner is looking better than it has in a while. Water temps in the morning are running from 63 to 73 depending where you are in the lake. The fish are fat and healthy there are big fish up in just a few feet of water crusing the banks looking for a bed to spawn on. I am guessing we saw over twenty fish over eight pounds on Saturday up in the shallows. We caught one that was just under the eight pound goal my client had before the trip. He had his shot with a fish that was over ten pounds but lost the fish on the way to the boat. We also caught one around five pounds and lost one more big one on the Mattlures hard bluegill on the way to the boat.

Sunday I put Bass Resource member Chris at Tech on multiple fish over eight pounds but it just didn't happen since the fish wouldn't cooperate and we had to settle for catching one six pounder and a few smaller fish. With the warming temps I would say we have one more week of heavy spawning activity through most of the lake then probably one more week around the deep water which is where many of the big ones come up from.

Lure choice is simple for me right now. All I need is a V&M Super Pork Pin in any green color, a Mattlures Hard Bluegill, a Mattlures soft Bluegill, and a jig. All of our fish are being caught on these baits and nothing else. It is time to add some topwaters in the mix though.

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Well now, "settling for a 6 lber" isn't all that bad!


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But when you're watching two 8+ lbers circle a bed (with a 12 inch "pimp" male), waiting for that right moment, and it just doesn't come?  DOH!

Like I said to Randall on the water...I think we witnessed bass going from prespawn to spawn on to postspawn in a matter of about an hour.  :)

But as usual, I got my money's worth out of Randall by learning a few tips and tricks.

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