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Last cast, Big fish

Stan Wright

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I'm waiting for the pictures, but this story is too cool. I'll add the picture later. On Thursday the fishing action was scattered with a few small peacock and largemouth being taken from all around the lake. Most in the 1 to 2 pound size. (on Friday everything broke loose with 1 to 3 pound peacock bass schooling and taking almost any thing tossed at them)

(The only real excitement came about an hour before quitting time when Chris, who was sitting on a small cooler on the bow of the boat, kind of missed when he sat down and went over backwards into the lake.)

Cell phone and all.

Around 4:00 PM he announced "Last Cast", time to go home. The angler and his wife both cast out their lines and..... Wham. She hooks into a 2 1/2 pound largemouth and he had a 6 1/2 pound peacock bass grab his little surface popper.

I'm surprised you didn't hear them yelling. After pictures and congratulations all around they headed in. What a great way to end a day of fishing.



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Congrats on the great catch !

This is "exactly" why I have such a hard time getting off the water ! Because the fact is, you just never know; that "one more cast" might be the "one cast that really counts" ! How bad would it be if you had made 1000 casts in a day..... and then left.... when the 1001st cast was going to be the new World Record ! {of course one would never know.... but that's beside the point ;-)}

And this, folks, is where the serious afliction, otherwise known as, the "one more cast syndrome" comes from. Of course ordinary people might chuckle, and downplay such a notion...... But those of us who are afflicted by this, know how serious this can be !

Oh well, once he's hooked, what's a guy going to do ?

Fish on !


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