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Jig tips needed

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Welcome scfisherman, you can read through the forum threads and learn a lot about jig fishing. The skirt type doesn't matter as much as you think. just fish it like any other skirted jig that we discuss in the variety of threads that are here.

Big O


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Here are some basics:

Basic controls are depth and speed. You control them by jig weight, line diameter, and trailer bulk/buoyancy.

Start with proper line diam for the given situation (depth, clarity, and cover, mostly).

Choose a head style for the cover you are fishing: Cone-shape for weeds, bulbous (Arky) for wood, football for rock.

Choose a hook matched to your line strength. Don't go Flippin with 50# braid with a light wire hook. Don't try to stick a big bass with a heavy iron on 8# mono.

Choose trailers (several sizes) plastics, pork, or none at all.

Choose a color that either mimics (imitation is impossible) prey, usually fish or crayfish. Or, just choose one you LOVE and fish it with confidence.

Fishing it:

Decide (or divine -"let the fish tell you") how deep and how fast or slow you need the jig to run at. Knowing what various combinations of components offer takes some experimenting as there are many permutations possible. Want to slow a given combination down or speed it up? Add a bulky trailer, or trim it down, tie on a lighter or heavier jig, or increase/decrease line diameter. Pick your jigs in terms of component combinations heads, bodies, and trailers.

Experiment with retrieves lures rarely fish themselves. Adjust speed to fish activity and play with triggers (the many variations on the varied retrieve theme).

All makers produce good stuff. Find something that floats your boat, choose appropriate components, and fish em. The fish will teach you the most.

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