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Looking for a Bass Club in or near Quincy, Illinois.

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any information about Bass Clubs in Quincy or near  Quincy Illinois.  

I'm a newbie compared to most of you guys out there.  I only started last year and when I've caught my big ones, I loved it ever since and wanted to do more of this.  I don't have a boat or anything like that, but it would be awesome to  hang with the guys and improve my skills and what nots.  if anyone has any information..greatly appericated.

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Hey Osran. Sorry I didn't catch your thread sooner. I'm in a club out of Jacksonville. I don't know if that is too far for you, but we always accept new members. Boat is not an issue, most of us are boaters, and everyone is great about lettin the non-boaters aboard at any time. Bunch of great guys. Let me know if interested.

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I am not sure where Quincy is as i am new to illinois but I am part of the Off The Hook club which holds its meetings in bollingbrook. This club is only for people ages 11-18. But there is also an adult club called the Maple Bassmasters, they do not meet in bollingbrook but there meeting place isnt too far from there. I am not exactly sure where they meet but i can definitely find out for you. I know that boats are not a problem.

if you want more info feel free to email me at rocker4ever@myway.com.

Chris Mickey

Off The Hook

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