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1st Lunch Break Fish!!!

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Today is the first time I have ever caught a fish during my lunch break.  I fish once or twice a week during the spring and fall season at work, sometimes during summer but not as much because I don't want to be sweating going back to work.

I have about 35 minutes to fish after driving to the "private lake" which a member of this forum has kindly given me permission to fish (for which I am very grateful).  I may not get many opportunities after my kid is born in September and just my lunch break alone will be nice enough to fish for me.  At least I will get to get some casts in.

Anyway today I fished a spot between two overhanging trees producing a bit of shade amongst the shoreline by the dam.  I actually spotted the fish cruising the shallows as I approached and stepped quietly closer to the shore as I set up my texposed senko w/ 1/8oz bullet sinker (pumpkinseed swim senko).  I saw him make a move to the brush by one of the tree branches and chucked my worm in there.  Nothing.

Second cast... peck peck, waited, reeled the slack and felt the pressure... set the hook.  Ended up landing a 1lb 6oz largemouth.  

The water was crystal clear and you could see all the rocks, grass, underwater points, tapering flats, etc.  Beautiful lake.  Anyway... here's the pic.

Thanks again Trev for giving me permission to this place.  I owe you.


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Good for you!

And you got a picture, too.


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Is that all you could catch?

I would have though you would have nailed at least five.

Really, great report.

Now you have a benchmark to beat on each of your lunch hours so keep those cards and letters coming along with the pics.

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Great fish man!  I wish I could fish during my lunch break!  8-)

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