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George Welcome

Stick Marsh/Farm 13

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What is it about fishing for bass that keeps fishermen coming back? Is it the challenge of finding the bass, or the challenge of once found, finding a bait that they will react to? Could it be the sharing and experiencing of the many wonders of our natural world? Perhaps it could be all of the above and even more.

My last trip on the Marsh was with a couple of guys that really enjoyed one another's company, enjoyed the challenge of searching for that just right bait, and noticed every bit of natures wonders as we studiously worked a bit of the waters that I had staked our on previous trips. It was obvious from the first moment of meeting up with Rene and Julio that today would be another special day on Stick Marsh/Farm 13


Early on the wind was calm and it was hoped for a bit of top water bite but it didn't happen. However, it took but a moment to rig a Gary Yamamoto Swimming Senko which quickly produced this gal.


The color of these fish can be attributed to the dark tannic stained water they come from.


It wasn't a day a great numbers as we only managed 15 bass to the boat. However as you can see from the pictures, quality wasn't lacking. It's never ceases to amaze me that we consider a day of 15 caught and boated bass to be a slow day, when on the majority of our lakes in North America this would be considered a banner day.

Each day now is one to try top water. My favorite this time of the year is the Storm Chug Bug:


Either of the two selections are good but I prefer the CB08. Mix up the retrieves with this bait to find what the bass want on a particular day. Some days it dead-sticking it, some a chug-chug-chug and hesitate, and some it is a steady pop, pop, pop all the way back to the boat. I mention all the way back to the boat as I see too many anglers pulling the bait from the water 15-20 feet from the boat. I have caught a 13 pound lady 6" from the side of the boat. Don't rush to make that next cast. Finish out the one your working on first.


I mention Gary Yamamoto's Swimming Senko in just about every report lately. Its consistent production of bites and quality fish make this a must-have-bait in anyone's tackle bag. Rigging it is easy and not only will it produce, but it will produce multiple fish per bait. Depending on whether you want it tail high, or tail low will dictate tail up, or tail down. Fishing it in emergent grasses, or with grass just below the surface rig it with the tail down. This will cause the bait to lift and work better on the surface. For submerged cover, rig the bait tail up. This will help keep the bait deeper. Also for deeper applications we add a 1/4 ounce or better bullet weight to the nose. Depth desired will dictate the amount of weight used. In all applications this bait works best on a steady slow retrieve.

See you on the water. Say hi if you get the chance, and yes, we do have some openings in April.

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Great day.

Thanks for sharing your lure selection, these seem to be consistant

producers for you and your clients.


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Nice post, George.  Sounds like you guys had a very good "slow" day.   ;)

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