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Bring Em To The Boat

Junior Va, State Qualifier on Gaston

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I woke up at 5:00 on Sunday April 13, 08 to head to lake gaston for a junior Va, state "Last Chance Qualifier" tournament. I pulled up at holly grove marina at 6:00 and registered and we met our boat captains. we talked and then it was go time. i told my captain i had been to gaston 1 time and had yet to catch a fish, i said "take me wherever you think the fish will be".

We Headed out of the no wake zone and at 7:10 we were on plane headed to poes creek. 20 minutes later we thawed out a little because the air was around 45 Deg. The younger boy in my boat caught his first keeper on the second cast. we were pitching Watermelon/Candy Baby Brush hogs on the edges of the grass at the mouth of poes creek no sooner than he got that fish out of the net he laid into number 2. about 20 minutes later still working the grass he had number three. i had yet to have a bite. we worked that grass good until about 9:30 then we went around into poes creek. i pitched on a log and had one pick it up and run but wouldnt stay with it. i went around to the next boat dock and caught a solid 14"er. I nor the younger boy had another bite till around 11:15 When i caught another solid 14"er.

We decided to move across into pea hill creek we were still pitching the same brush hogs as earlier. i Laid into a solid fish on a stump flat in the back of the creek. i broke it off and it rolled to the surface to show him self he was about 5 pounds it made me real angry no sooner had i re tied i broke another off when it rapped around a boat dock. we proceded to find a hugh boat slip and the younger boy caught his limit (4 Fish). he had about a 5 pound limit by then and i still had the same two.

It was now 1:00 weigh in was at 2 the wind started to pick up so the captain said we will head back to holly grove to finish out. halfway back he made a sharp right and set the boat down in a small secondary pocket. he said you have 20 minutes so get to work. we could see fish cruising and he would point to the fish and say that one is catchable and some werent he would let us know all the while were making 2 pitches on every slip still with the brush hog. i saw a nice sized fish backed into a corner next to the boat ramp and dock the captain said "shes catchable pitch it right onher head and look away, cxount to three and set the hook" i did as he said and sure enough she had it i landed her and she was nice, i now had 3 anout 1 minute later the other boy said i got her and he culled a 12"er with a solid 2 pounder. the captain said you have 2 pitches left on the last pitch i set  the hook and boated my limit. we went to holly grove.

at 2:15 the weigh in started anyone who asked me what i had to the "i didnt have a bite" answer as i watched the weigh in. the biggest bag so far was a 5 pound bag, i was confident i could beat that so i kept watchng. the a 4 fish limit was brought on that went 7.57 (the scale read hundreths) i wasnt sure if i could beat it. there were about 5 more people left. i went to the boat and got the old "Black Bag" and loaded the bag as my friend kyle held it. i walked to the scale and could see one more limit in the bag infront of me. the younger boy that was in my boat had a weight of 8.10 i went to the scale with the crowd watching they weighed my big one. 4.11 the the rest for a final weight of 9.17 and big fish so far. but there was a friend of mine still sitting in his boat and loading his bag i asked my dad whats leading it he said just messin with me 11 pounds i said your lying. the last person to weigh in was the one i was most scared about he had a limit but only 5 pounds.

I had won and had big fish, they are the only 4 fish i have ever caught on lake gaston, but most of all i qualified for the state tournament on buggs island on may 10th.

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congrats ;)

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Congratulations and...

Welcome aboard!


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