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A day when smallmouth were slain (catching wise)

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Ok, where to begin? Day started off when I went to Dick's to spend the remaining $44.00 on the gift card from my brother from Christmas, which somehow I found, and forgot I had. I already have waaaay to many plastics, but decided to pick up Strike Kings 'Shaws' grubs (package of 10 for $1.99). I usually get GYCB, but the durability on them is horrible...maybe 2 fish at most before the grub is total ripped apart.

Buddy sent me a text and wanted to head towards the mouth of Catt Creek and Lake Erie for more Walleye...but I told him I really wasn't interested in catching any today as I wanted my best friend (besides my daughter) in the world... Mr. Smallmouth. We met up with another buddy and fished a hole we usually hit each trip out (3x a week) since there are several nice spots with boulders an downed trees for them to find cover. We spent about 2 hours, and between the 3 of us, we landed 9 1-2 pounders.

After that I asked they wanted to fish as I had the evening off, and usually get home and in bed by 8pm as I get up at 2am for work. I take them to spot about a 1 to 1.5 miles upstream, and usually a good 3-5 fishing holes. Well, upon getting there, this last winter, and heavy rains in the beginning of the year totally changed the whole area :furious3: ... not a problem, my favorite 2 holes were surprisingly a little bigger :o they tied up, and by the time my Shaw grub hit the water... BAAAM! hit our first fish in what ended up being a nice, and amazing 3 hour tour of the 2 holes, which are about 30-35 yards apart. I let the first 1 go, and decide to let them finish tying up, and toss in before I take another chance. By the time they both casted in, they both had 1 on in the time it took them to cast... after that, I knew we were in for an awesome day.

When we fish together, we usually have a small tournament for bragging rights... but today was something else. I knew there would be fish, but wasn't sure how many. The holes are about the size of a small above ground pool, but these holes ranged from 3' - 5' deep and had a little flow coming into them, but not bad since the rushing rapids on the side which several people come to the Catt Creek to canoe, kayak, and raft down.

I believe on each of our 1st 10 casts, we each hooked into one, with a landing percentage of about 80...with half of them hitting, running, and diving into the rapids made it very difficult for 1 of my buddies and myself as we both used 4lb flouro (the other used 12lb - his steelhead rig), but enough of the excuses. I by far had my best outing of the year, and well, my life with smallies. I landed a little over 30 in about 3 hours last year which I thought was ridiculous, but this year, so early in the season (being in New York State), we totally destroyed that total yesterday.

All in all, I landed 46 (and won some more bragging rights :win:), and easily lost 15+ with them running into the rapids, and taking off way downstream. As a group, we landed a total of 93, and lost close to 40 (no joking). Below are a few pictures of the ones I caught that were worth taking (even though, all bass are worth taking pictures of, but my Crackberry is filling up fast with all the fish I have caught).

My total smallmouths on the year is now sitting at 67, which is just under a 3rd of what I landed last year (207)...and the season is just beginning. I also came home from work, and had my new St. Croix Bass Mojo waiting for me try her out

Here are some of the the fish (sorry about all the photos  ::) )

Thanks for reading,
























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Looked like a Smack'attack to me Man....WTG and those fish were healthy lookin' for sure.

Big O


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Great post and some fine fish!

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Heck of a day, way to go!

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Thanks all, it was sure a blast, and hopefully I can get one more like it  :D

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