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Muad Dib

logged my day like in bassmasters

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well saw the bassmasters magazine where bill dance went to a lake he never fished and they logged what he used when he caught fish, size and other info. so i thought it would be kool to do but on my home lake haha so here we go -

where- ny lake

when- sat may 25th 2009

air temp- 60f overcast

water temp 65f

Loaded up the coffee cup and donuts at 4:30 am . ya thats rigghtttttt

launched the boat at 5:00am

First cast with a terminator spinnerbait and nailed a 3lbs 2 oz.....new it would be a good day


Started working my way around some docks and figured id stay with a spinnerbait since ive only caught 2 fish in my life on one. 5th cast into the docks and landed a nice 2lber.

After a few sips of coffee decided to work the other edge of the docks and with some breeze comming in it felt like a day i would remember. then WHAM! thought my rod was yanked right out of my hands and i thought i had a 4lber on. but it was only a 2lber with lots of heart haha

2 more boats showed up and i decided to move to the other end and as i was reeling in a slam of a hit jerked at my rod. and a nice 3 lber came to the boat. maybe id stay in the area a few more minutes. worked a shoal was thinking how cool these spinnerbait hits are asa 3 and half lber hammered my t1.


Finished drinking my coffee and had some breakfast then got back at it. It got white cap windy so i found a small cove where id get some shelter and man was that a good decision. starting catching fish ever few minutes and then switched to a creature bait since the water was deeper and starting slammin home for an hour. best part was 3 or 4 people were on shore watching like i was a bass pro ;D yanking fish after fish and they werent catching anything. they yell what you using and i yelled. Lures! haha creative i know. :D well the afternoon slowed down and became a lil cloudy as im delirious writing this at the moment on 3 hours sleep and 11 hours fishing but i did manage to catch this lunker as well right before i left......


heres the run Down

best 5 fish-15lbs 8 oz

avg fish

5:20 am- 3lbs 2 oz -Terminator spinnerbait

5:57 am- 2lbs 8oz- " "

6:02 am- 2lbs 2oz- " "

6:20 am- 3lbs 1 oz " "

6:48 am- 3lbs 9 oz " "

7:00 am- 1lb oz " "

10:25 am- 2lbs 14 oz " "

10:34 am- 1lb 2 oz " "

11:03 am- 2lbs 4 oz - curly tail

11:40 am- 1lbs 2 oz- T1 spinnerbait

12:00pm - 2lbs 11 oz - curly tail

12:05pm - 2lbs 1 oz - curyl tail

12:07pm - 2lbs 15 oz- curly tail

12:17pm- 1lb 2 oz- curly tail

12:26pm- 1lb 8 oz- curly tail

12:52pm- 1lb 3 oz- curly tail

1:20pm- 2lbs 3 oz- t1 spinner bait

2:17pm- 2lbs 14 oz t1 spinnerbait

2:30om 4 oz monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I do recaps of all outings.

Not as detailed, but the weather, sky conditions, time of day, baits that worked and did not work, patterns, etc.

I then look at the notes when I go back.

Only problem is that every day is different.

But it does give you a good starting point.  ;)

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pretty cool trav.  glad you had such a nice trip.

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You had a Great day..that last pic of the BIG un on the spinner bait made your day......I bet..lol great report and pic's.

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Keeping a log is a great idea.  I'll admit that I don't.

When I was commercial lobstering, kept meticulous records.  I fished trawls with 10 - 20 pots per trawl.  In close to shore where the bottom was patchy it was 10 pot trawls.

From the day I got a Loran C, I kept track of every trawl I set, with the bearings of both ends.  What I used for bait, the day it was set, the day it was hauled, and how many keepers the trawl yielded.

Two reasons for the bearings.  The first was to show the obvious, how productive that bottom was at a given time of year.  The second is that if both ends of the trawl got cut off by boat traffic, I could quickly grapple it up.

That was work, and for a living.  After filling several notebooks with this data, I'm not inclined to do it for recreation, although I'm sure it would produce bigger numbers, and perhaps bigger fish.

Gotta quit there, or I might talk myself into the extra bookwork.

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Congrats on a great day. Now you should get yourself a good computerized fishing log and transger all that information to it. I have one from www.taysys.com and it is awesome.  It allows you to enter everything from water temp & conditions to equipment & baits used.

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Fun post. I like the 'Day on the Lake' articles.

Lures!  haha creative i know.  :DCheesy

;D Sometimes I just give the whole list -just to show it's not some magic lure operating all on its own.

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