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Father-in-law's search for a trophy..Long but good read..

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to share a story with you that has been on going since last fall. My father in law started bass fishing last fall. He has always fished but never really knew alot about bass fishing. he was more of the bream crappie fisherman. Anyway...he started bass fishing with me last fall and started learning how to work soft plastics, crankbaits, spinnners and some topwater baits. Once he got the hang of it, he really took to it well. He caught some bass, had some success but never could land a really nice bass in the 3-4 pound range. It was the strangest thing..between last fall and this spring we never boated a bass any bigger than 2 pounds and 2 ounces. I felt bad because i really wanted him to catch a nice bass. I've always said the fever doesn't truely set in until you catch that first real nice bass.

Well...we set out today to a local private spot that I have fished for about 3 years. This lake is crystal clear and the first time I fished it was from the bank and i saw a monster. This fish would have easily went 10 plus. It was HUGE. That same day we found one dead and floating in the lake that weighed 9 pounds and 3 ounces. I have always known their were some big fish in this lake but I had never caught anything bigger than 2 pounds. Well...today we started out throwing Texas rigged worms of various colors and caught a fish here and there. Earlier in the morning we saw 2 bass that were pretty good size swimming toward the middle away from a fallen tree. One of the bass looked to be a REALLY good size fish in the crystal clear water. My FIL had just gotten a hit but had gotten hung up in the same tree. We left the area and returned several times and saw the same bass swimming around the area. She looked to be a late spawner but she wouldn't hit anything and we couldn't pin point her bed. After about 3 hours fishing with decent results of slicks and a few keepers here and there, we went back to the spot were we saw the big bass. MY FIL decided to throw a 6" watermelon and black flake Senko rigged weightless. We saw the big girl again and i told him.."look you have been after a bass like this since you started...take your time and make her bite! " While i turned my back to the spot in our little 2 man bass boat and started fishing deeper water, he kept throwing at her. Finnally...he got a bite...set the hook and ...POP!! instant line break!!!! He was so dissapointed because he knew he had hooked up with a really good bass. I told him..."calm down...it happens to all of us. Did you have a fray in your line?? What pound test are you fishing??? He told me: 12 pound test. I thought...wait a minute let me see your rod! I got his reel and checked his drag and it was locked tighter than a snare drum. He had forgot to check it that morning when we started out!! I finnally got it broke loose and we noticed the big girl was back in her hole and this time we had the bed pretty much pin pointed. I told him..."keep throwing at her because she may not have been the one that hit you. Remember...there were several good bass in this area earlier in the day."

2 casts later and i couldn't believe it...another hook set and this time ZIIIIINNNNGGGG!!! Out went his drag and i knew he had locked onto ANOTHER good bass!! This time she was hooked good and she wasn't gonna snap him. I hollered: " get that rod tip down!!" Then she came up and i thought i was gonna have a heart attack!! She was a monster!! Several runs and rolls later and a near hanging in my trolling motor, i had her in the net and my FIL' s search for a good bass was over!! I think this was more than he bargained for. We couldn't believe the size of this pig. She just didn't look this big in the water. I got out my old trusty Berkely scale and she tipped in at a whopping 7 pounds and 8 ounces. What a beautiful fish she was. I don't think it was the same fish that snapped him because i saw no visible marks on her jaw. I was so happy for my FIL and am bursting with pride that i was with him when he got his "bigun!" After a short video and a few pics, we released her right back at her bedding spot and she swam right back to it. We went on to have the best day we ever had at the lake. All on Senkos. Later on my FIL hooked another 5 plus but she threw the hook. We caught about 30 plus bass today and had a memory that we will never forget. Enclosed is a picture of my FIL with his new PERSONAL BEST. Thanks for reading guys. God Bless and Good Fishing!


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Yippee for your father in law!! Awesome job!

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That's one heck of a fish!


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