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flippin and pitching

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When I flip, I'm usually within 1 to 1 1/2 rod lengths of my target.  I also don't release the spool on my reel.  I grab the line in between the reel and the first eyelet and pull out the required amount of line to reach my target and depth.

When pitching, I hold the bait in my hand, release the spool (and hold it with my thumb), then swing the bait to the target.  Accurate pitching will get me 3-4 rod lengths.

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You are 100% correct.

Pitching is my favorite technique of all of them.

Kevin VanDam has a decent DVD called "Pitchin' to Heavy Hitters." You can order it for $10 from Bass Pro Shops. It gives a basic approach to a few different casting styles.

JT Bagwell

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  • BassResource.com Administrator

Flipping is what happens when you accidentally trip over your partners' tacklebox en route to falling overboard.

Pitching is what happens when you get back on board and intentially throw your partner overboard for placing said tacklebox in your way!

Subtle indeed, but I hope that clears things up for you!  ;)

Oh Alright!!  Lessee if I can tackle this one.

I just first want to say it's best to SHOW rather than describe the techniques, but here goes...

Flipping is the technique of placing a lure in a given spot at close range (0-10') precisely, and quietly, with as little disturbance of the water as possible using an underhand pendulum cast while controlling the line with your hand.

Pitching is the technique in which worms or jigs are dropped into cover at close range (5-20') with an underhand pendulum motion, using a 6 1/2 to 71/2 foot baitcasting rod.  Similar to flipping, but requires less stealth and usually done from further distances.

Both techniques allow you to place a bait precisely into a pocket or under tree limbs without spooking bass.  These are best suited when bass are buried deep in cover such as brush, downed trees, heavy weeds and such when conventional casts will not get the lure to the bass.

There's more information at https://www.bassresource.com/html/flip&pitch.html with links on the bottom to even further detailed info.

Hope that helps!

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I think Pitchin can be a better technique than flippin if done correctly.  Pitchin keeps you back a little farther from your target, and with much practice you can get your bait to land as softly as you can flippin. Just get your trusty Pitchin stick and go and stand in your yard. Pour a cup of flour on the ground and pitch to it usually 15-20 ft from the flour. After you start hitting your target concetrate on how much of the powder " dust " comes up. When you get to the point that the bait kicks up very little to no dust youv'e go it mastered and your ready to start pitchin. I have Kevin Vandam's Pitchin to heavy hitters video it is a very good one I reccomend it to everyone!!

Tight Lines,


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