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Jeff P.

Flipping technique question

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I have been learning flipping and pitching techniques, using tips from the articles on this forum, and have picked up pitching pretty well so far.  (My neighbors probably wonder what the heck I'm doing trying to fish in my back yard).  I can't get the hang of flipping, though.

For example, in one article on on the site, it says to do the following:

Let out about 15 feet of line.

How do I measure this, from the rod tip or from the reel?  I am having trouble visualizing this part.

With your free hand, grasp the line between the reel and the first rod guide and straighten your arm to the side. There should now be about 8 feet of line past the front tip.

When do I release and/or close the spool?  Right before I "flip" the lure, before I pull the line away, or when the lure hits the water?

As the lure nears the target, lower the rod top again and make the bait touch down softly and precisely on target by stopping the bait just before it enters the water.

Again, having trouble visualizing this process.

I'm a visual learner.  I remember when I started playing golf, I got an Arnold Palmer video that showed you how to swing a golf club and hit a golf bal.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a video that teaches these type of techniques?  Or maybe someone can explain it differently?

Sorry for the long post.  Thanks in advance.

Jeff P

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Kevin Van Dam has a good video called "pithcing to the heavy hitters." I'm 99% sure that he goes into the process of flipping. I know if Jimmy Houstan Should ever be giving a seminar around you he usually does flipping. I seen hime 3 times and each time he did.

    As far as line length let it out to the rell if your rod is straight up. Then take the line in your free hand in the mentioned spot and move your arm to the side. Just go from there.

   Once you pull out the initial line you can close the bail since most flipping is really close and in shallow water.

   The last one I can really explain too much differently to you.

Hope this all helps.


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It isn't hard, Jeff but trying to visualize can be difficult.  The 15 feet of line is from the rod tip to the lure.  Close the bail/engage the reel at this point.  Note-the 15 feet is arbitrary-use a length you are comfortable with.

For argument's sake lets say you are right handed.  You are holding the rod in your right hand. Grab the line between the reel and the first guide on the rod, and extend your arm straight out to your side parallel to the ground.  As you extend your arm it will shorten the length of line between the rod tip and the lure.

To make the flip you swing the lure forward so it swings like a pendulum.  When it swings forward it will also rise-think of  a kid on a swing.

Ok, the kid is swinging, and as he goes back and forth he gets highest right before he changed direction.  Your bait does the same thing.  As the bait swings forward, drop your rod tip at the same speed the lure is rising.  Instead of rising, your bait still is moving forward, but remaining parallel to the water.  Then start feeding the line back to the lure by moving your left hand towards the rod, and the lure will gently enter the water.  It takes a little practice, but you will get the hang of it.

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the kevin vandam video is really good, he goes over pitching and flipping, and a couple other techiniques and he really explains them well. you can buy them at D&R sports in Kalamazoo MI, or at bass pro

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Thanks for the replies.  I talked to some of my more experienced fishing pals, and they said that most of the time they use a pitch rather than flipping - they say it's easier, and you can pitch to most any area you might want to flip to.  It seems that the main point about flipping is to present the lure very quietly.  Do you guys find the same observations as well?


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If I am close I flip but 90% of the time I pitch and yes the main thing is to put the lure where you need it quietly.

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