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fall question?

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As with pre-spawn there are no set temperatures; try different areas letting the bass tell you if they are shallow.   ;)

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I fish small relatively shallow waters and in summer most bass are oriented to the main water body, which puts a lot of them (but not all) away from shorelines. This summer pattern maintains itself into fall, almost as if the bass don't want to give it up.

The first big change I'm presently aware of comes following cooling, when prey and bass may heat seek in the shallows during substantial warming days. I find them under cover tight to the shoreline -so tight a lot of people miss them.

The next big change comes in late fall when vegetation beds die, exposing once-hidden prey. The shoreline in many waters becomes the "next available cover" for preyfish -more accurately, bluegills, as this appears to be a bluegill pattern). A feeding spree ensues and the bass begin getting fat bellies again.

In reservoirs with shad, it seems the shad movements are key for a lot of bass. Shad come into creek arms in fall and bass follow. This isn't my world so I don't know why (and therefore when) this happens. Others here can probably address this.

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