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Is it Fall yet?

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New guy here...but I do know that today is the first offical day of fall. But....is it "fall" up here in the upper midwest (SoDak.)? Like I said, I am new to bass fishing and was wondering if I should try some fall patterns/baits or summer baits? Its still pretty warm up here (70s to 80s). I have been out trying all kinds of things with little luck. What are you other midwesterners using this time of year, I call it "Fummer" :D (summer + fall). haha

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Well, is south Fl. it night as well be summer! air temps are in the mid 80's to mid 90's!! Water temp's are in the 80's, so you can still use the same summer lure and tactics you could as if it was summer, frogs etc.

I won't bring out the "big" baits in late October, such as 10 inch worms, and musky spinnerbaits!! But in a month or so, during our first cold front, I'll switch over to salt water fishing for blues (I'll still do bassin' just not a much)!

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heres an  observation- wheather or not the water temp is right, the sun still shines less... the fish know fall is here. they know winter is soon. just like all other wildlife.

of course the water temp must hit that majic temp to starrt killin off the shad for the bass to go stupid.... but you can bet that they are thinking about... and probably occasionally actually moving...on to their fall staging spots. by the middle of this month your neighborhood bass arer on that hump in front of that creek.... waiting for the shad to move in.

go get em.

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