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bass wrangler569

Nichols Pulsator Spinnerbaits

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I never hear too much mention about Nichols pulsator spinerbaits on the forums. Does anybody other than me fish them? I used to be a dedicated war eagle guy, but last year a guy in my club hooked me up with a few Nichols pulsators and they are absolutely incredible! The more I fish with them the more impressed I am. I still use war eagles some but the Nichols have outproduced them in almost every situation. The only problem with Nichols is that, unless you know a dealer, they're hard to find so you have to order them on the internet. The hassle is definitely worth it though, they are hands down the best spinnerbaits I have ever fished with. The components are the best available, the paint is very resistant to chipping, the skirts are great, and the color combinations are awesome. If you haven't you should definitely try some.

Here's a link


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I have a bunch of them.  I've fished the lazer blade for along time.  I dont throw them much anymore because I cant find them locally but they are a great Spinenrbait.

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They are one of my favorite spinnerbaits for sure. My best all time spinnerbait for both bass and pike is the 1/4 ounce, double willow with a chartreuse/white skirt.

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