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April Road Trip, Need Help Picking Good Fishing Lake

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Hey guys,

My fishing partner and I want to try a southern lake to start out our year, looking to fish in mid april.

we are looking at Virginia, North or South Carolina or Tennessee.

We Live in Philadelphia Pa.

We both like fishing weeds and are looking for a lake that is med. in size 10,000-20,000 acres.

We normally fish Lake Champlain.

We would also hire a guide for the first day fishing.

Any help would be apprec.


Paul Krawczun

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if you decide on VA/NC i would definately try lake gaston on the VA/NC border. if you want amazing scenery try smith mountain lake in VA. but Gaston is one of the better lakes i ever fished at, seems like its severely overlooked by many people, but there is some excellent fishing there.

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There is some great fishing on my home Douglas Lake in East Tennessee. I believe the first week of June the Elite series guys will be fishing here. Good lake, good fishing and near The Great Smokey Mountains. However, no weeds.

If you want to fish weeds I would recommend Guntersville or Santee-Cooper. Both are great lakes to fish with an abundance of big fish. Guntersville navigates the easiest by far but the local folks are much friendlier at Santee-Cooper. Both lakes can get very rough if the wind picks up but have protected areas. I would give a slight nod to SC's weather as Alabama seems to have a lot more thunder storms. Both are great fisheries, can't go wrong with either.............Al

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Thanks for the info,

I had no idea Gunterville was only 15 hours away .

RW thanks and we will try and get down there to meet you, we still have not set dates yet.

Red and Al thanks and we will try Gaston and that little lake Biery creek This summer also.

Paul Krawczun


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