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Collierville City Hall Pond Experience

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ok so i went out to the collierville city hall pond today and man is it big! i fished for a lil over a hour and didnt get a bite!..so i have a couple of questions,,

1 )whats the best way to fish this pond

2) i fished a strike king bitsy bug jig with a crawfish trailer(i need a crash course on how to work bass jigs.i dont have much experience with them ) do i just lift and drop while reeling in slack or do i bounce it .do i cast straight out deep right now etc...

3) what certain spots of the pond should i target for the best results

thanks guys

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I usually stick to the far end of the lake. The side that is towards the other pond and neighborhood. Seems like the fish hand on the ledge that is there.

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From the southeast corner all the way around to the drain near the northwest corner.

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My personal recommendation would be to cast out as far as you can, beyond the ledge, and work it back at a crawl, up that ledge. My experiences the last couple times out there have been that fish hit it on the fall after my cast. I was pleased by that, and it's inspired me to try out a swimbait (maybe a shadalicious) like roadwarrior suggested, because if they're interested in a slow-fall bait, maybe they'll be all over a slow-retrieve swimbait working its way back to shore, up the ledge. A general rule for fishing jigs in cold water though is to work it slower than you would ever imagine you should work it. Even letting it sit for a minute with no movement, let the big, lethargic fish get an eye on it, then hope they nail it on next movement. I know I've hooked some cold water bass using worms after letting them sit still for a little bit. This ain't warm water spinner and crankbait fishing, that's for sure!

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