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  1. Interesting 🤔 I wonder if I can tap into this and run a led light for night fishing or charge a battery. And it is generating a little heat. 😁 I never knew that my reel was generating electricity, even if it is only within the spool metal. BTW I have that flashlight.
  2. Cargo shorts on… ready… set… go Perhaps this demo will help. 30seconds in. Movement is relative to the magnet and aluminum. Skip the better performance of the supercooled stuff — that probably aint gonna be on a reel. Physics.
  3. I’ve matured over the years and don’t need my mother to clean up my messes. 😀 Just enough grease is enough, after removing old. I don’t like to mix new with old.
  4. One of the many reasons I won't buy anything from ae, or similar.... not even a box of toothpicks. I won't help to enable this stuff
  5. Will modern reel oil be good or did these reels use a heavier weight?
  6. Ha! Yes. Maybe so. I'll go ask... It was pointed out that I do not have spell check enabled so apparently my subconscious mind was at work. It's good that some part is still working.
  7. It seems, after all the responses here, that your finance is trying to open you eyes to new possibilities. Take her fishing and see what else she can teach you.
  8. I think we all know of the youngster using an inexpensive outfit and who happens to catch the big fish of the day... they don't pay much attention to the cost of the outfit.
  9. @WRB I'm interested in how the Fins lines, and this Sling Braid, hold up over time, especially the color and coating (?). I need something these days other than a moss green to see against the green waters we have here, as a line watcher. Thanks.
  10. Tom, there may be two types of people. Those who try, can and do, and those who drag down the others to make themselves feel better. Those of the latter type are the sissies.
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