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  1. WHat's the difference in Colors with these 2 baits? Is one Purple (Black Grape) and the other (Candybug) Blue?
  2. I'm in the market for a Baitcaster at this cost. Any Reels jump up at anyone that's a Qualify Reel, but won't break the bank account?
  3. For a $300 price range Abu Garcia Revo STX paired with an Abu Rod 7 6 Heavy. That's the perfect combo. Don't get an high gear ratio reel. A 6.4 or 6.6 is more then enough. HIgher Gear ratios you lose power.
  4. This topic isn't about SK. Why do i even post here? You bring up other baits someone mentions Rage Craws. Sorry but, SK isn't worth the money. You cast a SK rage craw out and the plastic tears. Tell SK to make their plastic stronger. For $5.99 isn't worth it
  5. I catch more on Christie Craws!! How much are they? $2.99!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. SK is overpriced and the plastics don't last. Please stop with SK!
  7. https://www.cremelure.com/store/store_product_detail.cfm?Product_ID=224&Category_ID=31
  8. Where is that bargain site at?
  9. I like the Yum Christie Craw. Strike King makes good plastics, but the plastics don't last. Why spend $3 more for them when the Christie is the same type of bait. Oh, SK isn't a bargain bait. The title says it for a reason.. Stop saying buy strike King for whatever more. You spend $20 on the craws and you're out in obe day.
  10. i bought 2 bags of Strike King rage craws. The plastic just doesn't hold up..
  11. What do you all think of these? https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Mister_Twister_Pocit_Craw_35_9pk/descpage-MTPC.html
  12. I have a Plum pit boss i started using. I only throw that color for a month or 2. After that it's green pumpkin and Black and Blue
  13. Jig is the best lure to have. You can do so many different things with a Jig.
  14. Is anyone able to get out and Fish? I love Jigs! What is, everyones favorite Jig colors to cast or flip?
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